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Resources for Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 7 – 14

From October 7 - 14, the team at THIRA Health joins the National Mental Illness Awareness, founded by the National Alliance of Mental Illness. We are distraught and upset with the recent events in the US, especially those around the well-being (both mental and physical) of women and girls affected by violence. So this week (and always), our goal is to not only #curethestigma that exists around mental illness but also support those women in need.   On October 7th, THIRA sponsored and attended NAMI’s Champagne Bruch Gala to help bring mental illness out of the shadows and into the light. As such, we invite you to explore the resources THIRA and NAMI offer digitally and in-person.   NAMI’s Resource page on the Mental Illness Awareness Week features...


Challenging the “New Year, New You” Message

By Dr. Mehri Moore, M.D. Around this time of year, it’s nearly impossible to escape messaging relating to revitalization or renewal. Gyms are offering discounted memberships, talk show hosts are discussing how to craft the perfect set of New Year’s resolutions, and media outlets of every stripe are running “Best of 20__” or “Year in Review” segments — and telling you what to look forward to in the coming year — on a nightly basis. It’s hardly a mystery why people get swept up in this “new year, new you” thinking, but it’s worth pausing for a moment to consider whether this approach to a fresh calendrical cycle is the right one. Celebrations of Renewal across Cultures This way of thinking is neither new nor, in a broad...

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