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Every road to recovery is unique. LEARN MORE Treatment rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. LEARN MORE Find your peace from anxiety & depression. LEARN MORE Slide COVID-19 Update As King County is making the transition from Phase 1.5 to Phase 2, THIRA Health remains committed to full compliance with all recommended CDC, State, and Local COVID-related procedures. LEARN MORE
Dr. Moore THIRA Health

Message from THIRA's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mehri Moore

Dear Patients, Families, Colleagues, Staff, and Interested Parties:

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every aspect of life in our region, and our nation; at THIRA Health our highest priority is maintaining the well-being, safety, and health of our patients, staff, and the families and loved ones of both patients and staff.  Our Leadership Team and key staff members have been meeting daily to establish, monitor, and evaluate measures that we are undertaking in response to COVID-19.  We are closely monitoring updated recommendations from the CDC, Washington State Health Department, King County Health Department, and the City of Bellevue, and updating our policies in real time to respond to the evolving recommendations.  THIRA serves patients whose need for our services does not go away when external circumstances change, and we are working every day to make our service delivery model comply with current recommendations.  We have instituted a program of additional daily disinfection of our spaces, taken on two additional office suites in our building to create greater opportunities for recommended social distancing, are making changes to our programming and schedule, and modified many of our procedures to comply with updated infection-control best practices.  Please take a look at the information accompanying this message for more detail about how we are addressing this public health issue. If you’d like to talk about our response measures, please call us at 425-454-1199.

Wishing You, Your Family, and Your Loved Ones Good Health,

Mehri D. Moore, MD

Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of THIRA Health

More Information

The THIRA Approach

Led by decades of experience, the THIRA team offers treatment approaches that reflect the distinct needs of women and girls.

Sustainable Journeys

Each person has a unique journey to recovery. At THIRA, we address unique needs for sustainable recovery paths by leveraging support systems in all areas of the individual’s life.

Whole-Person Treatment

It is our goal to help each person reach their full potential through recovery. With this in mind, we offer solutions that care for the whole person: nutritional meals, yoga, art therapy, movement therapy, and more.

Dr. Moore & Dr. Korslund
Experience & Leadership
Our clinical leadership brings passion, depth, and decades of experience to the design of THIRA’s programs. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mehri Moore, is both a Child Psychiatrist and Board-Certified General Psychiatrist with more than 35 years of experience working with eating disorders. Dr. Kathryn Korslund, our Chief Clinical Director, is a world-renowned authority in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and certified by the DBT Linehan Board of Certification. 

Many THIRA Health Programs are now available online. Join one of our Tele-Mental Health programs without leaving home. 

Call us at 425-454-1199, or email info@thirahealth.com for more information

THIRA Program Pillars

Our mission is centered on pillars of holistic, sustainable treatment, and is backed by a passionate community.

Holistic Treatment

Nutritious meals, yoga, art therapy, movement therapy, and more. We believe that sustainable recovery is achievable only by addressing the whole person.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

An accessible, efficient method. DBT provides language-based tools that help patients find a permanent approach to self-care.


Group therapy, cohort-based treatments, and aftercare groups all provide a way to strengthen one’s journey through companionship.

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