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The THIRA Approach

Led by decades of experience, the THIRA team offers treatment approaches that reflect the distinct needs of women and girls.

Sustainable Journeys

Each person has a unique journey to recovery. At THIRA, we address unique needs for sustainable recovery paths by leveraging support systems in all areas of the individual’s life.

Whole-Person Treatment

It is our goal to help each person reach their full potential through recovery. With this in mind, we offer solutions that care for the whole person: nutritional meals, yoga, art therapy, movement therapy, and more.

Experience & Leadership
Our team is comprised of passionate leaders from a variety of backgrounds in order to serve each individual in a comprehensive manner. Our Chief Medical Officer brings with her over 35 years of experience working with eating disorders and our Clinical Director is a renowned expert in the field of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

THIRA Program Pillars

Our mission is centered on pillars of holistic, sustainable treatment, and is backed by a passionate community.

Holistic Treatment

Nutritious meals, yoga, art therapy, movement therapy, and more. We believe that sustainable recovery is achievable only by addressing the whole person.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

An accessible, efficient method. DBT provides language-based tools that help patients find a permanent approach to self-care.


Group therapy, cohort-based treatments, and aftercare groups all provide a way to strengthen one’s journey through companionship.

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