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How to become healthier by enjoying your food

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How to become healthier by enjoying your food

In American culture, we are used to hearing advice about healthy lifestyles in specific numbers and terminology: “eat fewer carbs”, “watch your sugar intake”, and “avoid sodium altogether”. In other cultures, healthy lifestyles often involve food, too, but in a more positive and enjoyable way.

The overall idea behind enjoying your food can be connected to the practice of mindfulness – being highly aware of your surroundings and paying attention to your actions. For most of us, it’s not uncommon to rush through lunch or skip breakfast altogether. There is clinical evidence that these actions can bring about some negative after effects not only to our physical state (blood pressure and weight gain), but also our mental health and stress levels.

At THIRA Health, we support a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. This includes everything from changing the way we behave to altering our diet to ease stress levels from within. Below are some positive changes you will experience when you take the time to enjoy your food:

  1. Better digestion
  2. Better nutrient absorption
  3. Faster feeling of being “full”

Here’s how you can enjoy your food more:

  1. Slow down and be mindful about what you are eating.
  2. Indulge, don’t just consume.
  3. Stop labeling foods as good or bad. All food is good in moderation.
  4. Know what you like and appreciate the moment you eat it.
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