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The Value of Yoga as Part of a Mental Health Treatment

By Dr. Mehri Moore As we’ve written about before, THIRA Health takes a holistic approach to our patients’ treatment. Unlike strictly biomedical regimens, holistic treatments consider a broad range of factors – physical and psychological, but also social, environmental, and spiritual – while still focusing on working toward cures for specific ailments. Like all medical practitioners, physicians who take a holistic approach aim to make their patients as healthy as possible, they simply conceive of “health” in a broader, more far-reaching way than is standard in most schools of Western medicine. As such, in addition to extensive therapy, THIRA’s Partial Hospitalization Program strives to nourish the whole self. We emphasize the importance of good mind-body balance by incorporating nutritious meals, community-based relational support, art and movement therapy,...

UW Daily Guest Editorial

By Dr. Mehri Moore Why Women are More Depressed than Men — Understanding Culture, Place, and Time Originally published in UW Daily.  Though many of the afflicted are disinclined to speak about their struggles openly, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and related somatic disorders constitute something of a silent epidemic. In established economies, these mental health irregularities affect more than 20% of the population, and preliminary studies suggest that the figure is even higher in developing economies. A World Health Organization (WHO) report asserts that depression accounts for the largest proportion of the burden associated with mental and neurological disorders, and that depression is predicted to be the second leading cause of the global burden of disease by 2020. Further, organizations like WHO and the Mayo Clinic report that...

Moving Beyond the Hype of ‘Holistic’

By Dr. Mehri Moore If you ask the average American to describe holistic medicine, you’re likely to hear a number of common misconceptions about both its scope and its effectiveness. Many people believe that “holistic” is interchangeable with “organic” or “all-natural,” that holism entails dismissing modern Western biomedicine and embracing some strain of folk medicine or pseudoscience. In reality, holistic health care often utilizes synthetic medicines and natural remedies, antibiotics and homeopathies. Similarly, people criticize holistic medicine for focusing on general “wellness” instead of pursuing conclusive diagnoses and cures. While holism does consider a broader range of factors – social, spiritual, and environmental, in addition to physical and psychological – than common clinical medicine, it does so always with a sensitivity to specific ailments and an eye...

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