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Healthy Maple Pumpkin Bread

Looking for a healthy but yummy snack going into our holiday season? Pumpkin bread is the perfect food to have on hand morning, noon, or night.  Since it contains ingredients that pack a nutritional punch it is delicious anytime of the day.  Starting out the day with nut butter spread on a slice provides some satiating protein and fiber.  Having a slice mid-afternoon with a chai latte (think boost of Calcium) is a great snack to provide energy to last the afternoon commute.  Or enjoy after a bowl of chili on a cool Fall night to bring a sense of warmth and sweetness.  The ingredients in this recipe are easy to find in the grocery store or you may already have them in your kitchen cupboards.  See below to learn a little more about a...


Avoiding Conflict and Maintaining Limits with Family Members

The holidays are upon us. What this means may be varied for different people, whether we’re readying ourselves for the rush of shopping and preparations for parties and feasts, or gearing up for the first holiday without the presence of a loved one. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of social commitments, family obligations, and financial pressures, and torn from your normal routine and structure. The holiday season at its best is about giving and doing for others, about finding rest in the community of others, friends and family alike. However, for many, it can be a vulnerable time to make unhelpful choices, and slink back into old relationship patterns that you’ve worked hard to untangle yourself from. You may be tempted to become more passive, not wanting to voice your wants or needs due...


How to Stay Present during the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is all about relaxing and enjoying your time off from work and school. But preparing for them, buying gifts and planning parties can get demanding and stressful very quickly. As we get more overwhelmed, it can get difficult to focus on what’s important during the holidays: spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoying the moments we have with them. Staying present is an important skill to have - especially during this time. That’s why the team at THIRA put together a few quick tips on how to be - and stay - present this holiday season.   1. Pause and appreciate: As you do any holiday-related activities, like choosing a gift, decorating a tree or even just calling a family member, pause...

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