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How to Refer a Patient

To ensure that we provide the most appropriate, high quality care for patients, we rely on our referral network to make the best possible healthcare matches. To refer a patient to THIRA, please direct them or their parental guardian to call our main office to schedule an intake appointment. Your referrals allow us to administer treatment to those who need it most, and we continuously leverage our own network to make referrals for patients who may need another option.

Specialty in DBT

At THIRA, we specialize in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and even have Dr. Kathryn Korslund (a key researcher and developer of DBT methods and training) on staff. Originally developed at the University of Washington by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., DBT was first designed to treat interpersonal chaos, intense emotional swings, impulsiveness, confusion about the self (identity), and suicidal behavior. It is based on a bio-social theory that states that problems develop from the interaction of biological factors (physiological makeup) and environmental factors (learning history), which together create difficulty managing emotions. DBT is therefore appropriate for a range of additional problems that relate to emotion dysregulation such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, anger-related problems, and substance use problems. A great deal of research has been conducted on the effectiveness of DBT and, in general, DBT appears as effective or more effective than other “talk based” psychotherapies for the problems mentioned above.

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