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Teen Girls and Self-Esteem

This May, many high school seniors will be thinking about graduation and leaving their homes to attend college. Last year looked very different, with school-aged children and teens moving to virtual classrooms and online learning. It...


April Staff Spotlight

What is your role at THIRA: HR Recruiting & Onboarding Specialist. We are currently growing very fast – I am the point of contact for all recruitment related matters. I recruit new hires...


Stop the Stress: Stress Awareness Month

Stress. It’s a feeling, a physiological response, a state of being, and a burden that often makes us feel powerless.  Stress is the natural response generated by our body and brain when we feel overwhelmed by pressures, demands, or challenges. Stress itself is not...


Crustless Vegetarian Quiche

March 26th, was National Spinach Day and to celebrate, THIRA Health put together this yummy crustless vegetarian quiche. Incorporating spinach into your meals will give you numerous kinds of vitamins, such as...


March Staff Spotlight

What is your role at THIRA: Mental Health Technician WHEN I’M NOT AT WORK, YOU CAN FIND ME… At a bookstore or hiking. WHEN I WANT TO DE-STRESS, I… Take a day trip in the area and...


February Staff Spotlight

What is your role at THIRA: I am a registered dietitian (RD) for the teen and adult cohorts.WHEN I’M NOT AT WORK, YOU CAN FIND ME… visiting all the scenic spots that Washington...


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