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*September 25th: All Operations Normal*

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To Run or Release: Coping with Trauma and Uncertainty

At THIRA Health, our decades of work have been focused on helping elevate the mental health of girls and women facing issues such as depression and anxiety. Many of these women also struggle with post-traumatic stress in their journey to wellness. As we enter the month of September and approach the 19th remembrance date of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001 (9/11), it creates an opportunity for us all to reflect on our ways in which we cope in the wake of trauma or tragedy, as well as how we can continue to identify tools to assist us with coping. 2020 will forever be known as a year of many challenges, and by reflecting on how we develop self-care and coping skills, it...


In You, I Find Me: Celebrating Friendship & Sisterhood

The friendships we establish in childhood form the basis for the relationships we develop as we grow older and our lives become more complex. We often find our first real friendships in the formative years when we are starting school and having our first real relationships outside the immediate family. This year as we go back to school it looks a little different. Friendships are now more than ever important to help us feel connected and continue growing. Friends can act as mirrors in which we begin to see a reflection of ourselves, our values, our standards and expectations, and our interpersonal needs.  But what makes a friendship a healthy one? Friendships can serve a variety of purposes throughout our lives; through them we experience love,...


Taro, Matcha, & Honey Milk Tea with Boba

At THIRA, we believe that having a healthy lifestyle revolves around the philosophy of "all foods fit," and that includes desserts! Want to treat yourself this summer? Try these homemade bubble tea recipes that are perfect as summer-time treats! We decided to put these recipes together as guidelines for you to make bubble teas in the comfort of your own kitchen! Try making these fun drinks with your family and friends and experiment with different milks or sweeteners! Tell us what flavor you liked the most!  Taro Milk Tea with Boba Ingredients: ½ cup boba 4 cups of soymilk ¼ cup of taro powder 2 cups ice 2 tablespoons of honey Instructions: Boil 1 quart water and add the black boba pearls and cook until each pearl floats . In a blender, combine soymilk, taro...


A Teenage Self-Esteem Crisis

Today’s teens are frequently bombarded with opportunities to feel badly about themselves. The constant access to technology and social media means they are seeing people with apparently glamorous lives, attractive bodies, and “perfect friendships”. It is enough to make anyone wonder why their life isn’t similar, or as “good”. Adolescents and young adults these days have many demands placed on them from families, and from social media “lifestyle envy” .  They may feel pressured to get the best grades in school, get the highest test scores, and get into the best colleges. The American Psychological Association acknowledges that young people today face unique challenges that previous generations haven’t. What’s more is that they are aware of it. It is not just families and social media “peers”...


The Impact of Stress on Your Body

Many times, we may not be actively aware of the impact that stress has on our physical bodies. However, as we have discussed elsewhere, the ties between our physical and mental selves are numerous.  Bob Greene posited that what “the body achieves, the mind believes”. Let us dive into two examples of this philosophy at work:  When we exercise for 30 minutes per day, and we begin to feel stronger, we often then believe that we are stronger, more confident and capable. HOWEVER… When we forget to grocery shop for the week and end up buying fast food for lunch every day, and we start to feel sluggish, we often end up focusing on the belief that we are lazy or unproductive. The difference in these scenarios lies in its...


“Does Labeling Myself Hurt or Help?”: A Journey in Identity

Human beings are many things: sociable creatures, curious minds, and survivalists.  Since the advent of language, we have relied on the identification of our surroundings in order to alleviate senses of danger or unfamiliarity (e.g. scientific study of poisonous animals or plants, advantageous treatments to illness, etc.).  As humankind has progressed, we have turned this ideology inward towards ourselves through identifying each other by race, gender, sexual orientation, educational level, or geographical heritage. The question becomes: If identification was once for survival, are we exercising the same reasoning by continuing to subscribe to a system of classification? However, it’s possible that this creation of identity grouping can alternatively be seen as a way back toward each other through building community support, eliciting shared experiences, creating feelings of...


When Becoming a Mother is Everything You Ever Wanted, but Nothing Like You Thought

As we look to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, it is important to acknowledge that for some motherhood does not always go as expected. While motherhood can bring joy, it can also bring difficulties and changes that we never expect to encounter.   Motherhood Myths Often women hear explicit and implicit messages about what it means to be a mother. Some of these myths arise from statements from our own mothers or friends, comments on social media, and messages in advertising and television. These myths include: MythRealityTo give birth naturally without any medication or epidural makes you a better mother.There are multiple ways to have a baby whether vaginally, cesarean section, through a surrogate, or adoption. There is no trophy for having a baby in one way over another,...


How Are Teens Coping with COVID-19?

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed when considering the current state of our nation. The word that so boldly comes to mind when thinking about all of this is none other than “loss”.  In many ways, it seems that each generation is facing its own sort of loss. For those over the age of 60, not only is it a feared loss of life, but the spread of COVID-19 has also caused many to recognize their own aging process or ailing health among other limitations. Those in young and middle adulthood are facing a loss of work, financial stability, and plans for their future. College-aged individuals are missing a sense of freedom and independence that they have grown accustomed to. Even our teens are coping with something equally existential: a...


Apple Crisp

Dessert can absolutely haves a place in your diet. There are a plethora of desserts out there, and you would be surprised at how many desserts are compatible for you based on your nutritional needs, your flavor preferences, and your unique types of hunger. Many desserts, believe it or not, have health benefits! Desserts that feature herbs, spices, and fresh produce are a simple and easy way to sneak in some nutrients with the pleasure of having a sweet treat. In this whole-foods Apple Crisp recipe by Cynthia Lair, this classic dessert features apples, which offer fiber and cancer-fighting polyphenols [1]. Cinnamon is also used in this recipe and has been widely known in ancient cultures to be used as a medicinal spice when ingested. Cinnamon is a common spice used in Eastern medicine for its blood-circulation...


Social Distancing and Mental Health

We as humans are decidedly social creatures, and as such, it is not difficult to see how the intentional isolation asked of us during this time can affect our mental health and lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even anger. On top of this, the uncertainty surrounding the virus and the effect it will have on our daily routines, loved ones, and society as a whole can add additional layers of stress. When living under social isolation conditions, it is important to be mindful of our reactions and employ the appropriate skills in order to have more effective distress tolerance.  What is Social Distancing? We have been inundated with the phrase, “social distancing” lately on social media and in the news, but we thought we’d explore what exactly "social distancing" means,...


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