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April Staff Spotlight

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April Staff Spotlight

What is your role at THIRA: HR Recruiting & Onboarding Specialist. We are currently growing very fast – I am the point of contact for all recruitment related

matters. I recruit new hires & assist them in their onboarding/orientation process to ensure it is as smooth as possible. If you are interested in our career at THIRA, feel free to contact me at HR@thirahealth.com.

WHEN I’M NOT AT WORK, YOU CAN FIND ME…Spending time with my friends and family & discovering new hobbies

WHEN I WANT TO DE-STRESS, I…exercise (mindfully) & try to go out outside

MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR IS…late summer/early fall

WHAT LED YOU TO PURSUE A CAREER HELPING OTHERS? I’ve always been very passionate about mental health & wellness. I was drawn to this role because it is essentially helping people help people.

WHAT EDUCATION, SKILLS AND EXPERTISE DO YOU BRING TO YOUR ROLE? I have a BA in Communications, a Certificate in HR Essentials, as well as personal and professional experience in the mental health field.


WHAT IS ONE SMALL THING PEOPLE CAN DO TO IMPROVE THEIR LIVES AND INCREASE THEIR HAPPINESS? Do one thing everyday for someone else…whether that be a text to a friend to check on them, going out of your way to help a coworker, or supporting a small business, etc.


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