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Aftercare is available on a regular basis for any individual who recently completed a THIRA Health program.


Individual Therapy

Group therapy

Basic medication Management

Access to Case Management Services

Transition Planning

Aftercare at THIRA

At THIRA, anyone participating in our programs is welcomed into our Aftercare program automatically. Aftercare allows each patient to take crucial steps on their new journey of sustained recovery. Aftercare includes individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management on a weekly basis. Aftercare patients are also matched with the best possible treatment provider or counselor for continued support.


Do I qualify for Aftercare?

Every THIRA patient that goes through one of our programs qualifies for Aftercare services.

Is Aftercare necessary?

We recommend that each patient completes some form of Aftercare to help transition back into their normal routine. We also use the time to match patients with a post-program treatment provider.

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